Big Changes Are Coming to Death Stranding in December Update

Fans Have Voiced Their Concerns and Hideo Has Listened

Death Stranding has been one of the most polarizing games in years. On one hand, there are people who claim the game is nothing more than a pretentious walking simulator. While there are others who are convinced that this is one of the best games in the last 10 years. There are very few in between. Despite what you think of the game, there are going to be some pretty big changes in December when Death Stranding receives its first big update.

death stranding

These fixes are not going to rewire the game into something completely different, but rather focus on smoothing out the experience for players. Fans have been quite vocal when it comes to some of Death Strandings’ mechanics. While there is the potential for dozens of fixes and tweaks, two, in particular, were mentioned in a tweet by Kojima Productions.

The first issue is that players were upset over how small the text size was in-game. Now there will be an ability to enhance the size of on-screen text whether that be subtitles or menus. Now you won’t have to size two feet away from your TV to find out what’s going on.¬†Secondly, players will now be able to get rid of individual vehicles.

There are likely going to be more updates in 2020 and beyond but don’t expect anything too major. Hideo Kojima is a very particular person and would probably not change the nature of his game becasue of a certain amount of outrage.

There is no doubt that Death Stranding is not for everyone. It was certainly not made to tap into mass appeal. But whatever you want to say about the game, there is no denying that there is nothing like it right now. It is unique.