Ubisoft Suing Rainbow Six Siege Hacker For Selling Cheats

They Did Threaten Legal Action, After All

It seems like Ubisoft is finally taking decisive legal action against the rampant cheating in Rainbow Six: Siege. A Siege hacker known as MizuSoft is being taken to court for the sale of cheat software designed to tip the scales in Rainbow Six: Siege online matches.

rainbow six siege hero

The software gives players an edge by “increasing the damage inflicted by the player, changing the player’s perspective, and allowing the player to see areas of the battlefield that otherwise would be obscured.” Said services were being sold for either $13 a day, $33 a week, or $77 a month. The lawsuit is built around three different charges, that of trafficking in circumvention devices, international interference with contractual relations, and unfair competition.

MizuSoft, previously known as CheapBoost, is believed to be operated by a single minor. The money was funneled through the perpetrator’s mother’s web design company, which is now permanently closed. Ubisoft is seeking a maximum of around $25000 per violation from a total of ten defendants. Hopefully with this company being shut down and charges being filed, other Rainbow Six: Siege hacker outfits will take notice. Perhaps they’ll even stop altogether! It can’t possibly be worth the thousands of dollars in legal fees and charges.