EA Drops Hint That They Might be Returning to Steam

No More Origin? 

Since 2011 EA games have been exclusively available on Origin. EA’s own version of Steam. This move was one that set in motion other gaming companies and studios launching their own online stores in order to circumnavigate Steam. Why have someone sell my games when I can just do it myself? This was the thinking that EA and many other studios went by at that time. It only made sense from a business standpoint. However, it meant that long-time fans of EA titles like FIFA and Battlefield had to jump ship along with EA. Something that many were not happy about. Well, as crazy as this might seem, EA could be returning back to Steam. Maybe.

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There is not much evidence to go off of aside from a Tweet that was sent out only a few days ago. It seems innocuous or maybe even pointless, but you have to read between the lines to really see the hidden message. The steam that is flowing out of the hot EA cup is clearly meant to represent the company making a triumphant return to Steam. Or maybe this is wishful thinking at best.

In all seriousness, the Tweet itself is very random and serves no real purpose. Why would EA tweet this out? Whatever the rationale, EA moving back to Steam would not be the worst idea ever. Origin is largely hated by its users. On top of that Steam still has a much larger market that Origin ever had. Perhaps it would now be the best business move for EA.

Franchises like Battlefield have suffered as of late and maybe having them available to a wider audience would be the shot in the arm that the series needs.