Sword and Shield’s Wild Area Looks Enormous

It Takes Up A Lot Of The Map, At Least

We’re a month away from Pokemon Sword and Shield coming out for the Nintendo Switch! This means that the trickle of news is slowly increasing to a straight-up torrent. Although this one is a tiny tidbit in the grand scheme of things- we now know the approximate size of the Wild Area at the center of Galar!

Pokemon Sword and Shield autosave wild area

Approximate being the operative word here. According to some recent screengrabs from CoroCoro magazine posted here by Reddit user josh123z, the ‘Wild Area’ takes up most of the center of Galar. Perhaps this massive middle section will be a major part of your playthrough?

Between this and the previous talk about raid-style battles, it seems like Sword and Shield is trying to push the genre boundaries of the Pokemon franchise. It remains to be seen whether they will succeed or not, but still. Maybe this will be so rad that fans get less mad about the whole National Dex debacle? Pokemon Sword and Shield is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 15th, 2019.