Someone’s Making GameCube-Style Joy-Cons

For A Hit of That Early 2000’s Nostalgia

SADES, a hardware company that specializes in PC peripherals, is releasing a line of GameCube-style Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch. If you’re the sort of gamer who’s starving for that sweet early 2000’s nostalgia, this might be the product launch for you.

GameCube-Style Joy-Cons

Of course, nothing can replace those unique controllers. The button placement, the feel of the weird little grips, all of it was utterly singular. But still, what a halfway point! If you want hardware that shows your undying love for the GameCube, this set of Joy-Cons would be a great place to start.

The Joy-Cons have most of the features one would expect for a set of Nintendo Controllers. You’ve still got NFC support and gyro functionality, but there is no HD rumble. On the other hand, the controllers have micro USB ports for charging purposes! The cost is slightly more than a regular set of Joy-Cons, but you’ve got that sweet GameCube-style aesthetic to keep you warm at night. While they might not be an essential purchase, one can never have too much GameCube gear to show off. You can order them at Amazon here. They’d be perfect for Smash Bros, assuming you have friends that don’t deserve the use of Pro controllers.