Hideo Kojima Will be Personally Editing Death Stranding’s Final Trailer

The Mother of All Launch Trailers

Death Stranding is not far away. Only a month to be exact. As the hype train for this game reaches its climax, we should expect to see one last trailer to really put the fans into a frenzy. To make things even crazier, Hideo Kojima has stated that he will be personally editing the launch trailer for Death Stranding.

Death Stranding

This trailer is probably going to release only a few days before the official launch of the game. Something that is quite regular within video games. However, it is not every day that the mastermind behind a video game takes the reigns and adds his own personal touch. This is not the first trailer that he has had a direct influence on. According to his own Twitter, every trailer that has come out previously has been personally edited by Kojima.

Kojima is a massive celebrity within the gaming world. He is well known for his bizarre and out of the box ideas with games. Just watch the trailers that are already out for Death Stranding and you can see for yourself. The game seems dark, confusing, and just plain weird. But fans could not be more excited.

The hype behind the game has been propelled even further due to the remarkably large amount of star power that the game possesses. Well-known actors are all over this game. Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus being the most notable. Reedus appears to be the main character in the game. It only adds to the experience that all the characters in the game look identical to their real-life actors. Thanks to high-end motion capture technology.

Death Stranding is going to launch on November 2nd, 2019.

Sadly for Xbox and PC users, this is a Playstation exclusive.