Fortnite Season 10 Will be Extended For One More Week

One More Week of Shenanigans 

Fortnite Season 10 is going to going steady for one more week. Season 10 was scheduled to end on October 6th but Epic has decided to push it back. In the meantime, players can now take part in the new challenges that are available. A new Overtime mission, Out of Time has been added so Fortnite players can finish up rewards that they might not have had time to complete.

batman in fortnite

Out of Time is going to kick off on October 8th and will grant players the usual rewards that a season pass would. Cosmetics, XP boost, and special loading screens are going to all be available. You won’t have long to claim them however, so you’ll have to act fast before they are gone. Game modes like Zone Wars LTM will also still be accessible.

Season 11 is just around the corner and it is still unclear what Epic has in store. But that has not stopped fans from speculating and concocting conspiracy theories. Many Fortnite fans are convinced that Season 11 is going to bring Fortnite fans a brand new map. The game still uses the exact same map since is first released two years ago. So a change of scenery would be par for the course. Other battle royale games such as PUBG have released entirely new maps for their players, so it is not too much of a stretch that Fortnite would follow suit.

Fortnite has transformed into a single-player only indie game into one of the biggest things in gaming history. As a matter of fact, the game was almost murdered in its crib when it was still a single-player game.  Now it has millions of players and has turned Epic into one of the largest studios in the gaming industry.

Season 10 will end on October 13th.