Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 Looks Bananas

A Three Houses Speedrun?

Look, I’m as shocked as you are. The Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 list is now live, and one the titles is most assuredly Fire Emblem: Three Houses. That means someone is going to try and blast their way through that game at 100 miles an hour, which will either be amazing or awful. Great fun to watch regardless, amirite?

awesome games done quick

You can see the complete list of games coming to the event right here. Beyond Three Houses happening in an hour and 40 minutes, we’ve got Dark Souls, BioShock, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Terraria, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Barbie. I’m glossing over something like 90% of the list, but you get the idea.

If you’re on the fence about investing your hard-earned eyeball energy on speedruns for charity, it won’t take many clips to convince you. If not for Awesome Games Done Quick, I would never have learned the magic of Bionic Commando Re-Armed 2’s legendary “Hype Mode“. There’s just, so much screaming. Moments like this, magic like this, is always possible thanks to the power of glitches. Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 is happening this January.