Days Gone Studio Possibly Working on a Next-Gen Game

Could Days Gone Be Getting a Sequel?

Bend Studio, the developer that made the PS4 exclusive Days Gone, has apparently entered the pre-production phase of its next game, according to the LinkedIn profile of a senior developer at the studio.

Days Gone

“I lead the Lighting team on Days Gone and am now involved in pre-production planning for our next title,” reads a resume section of the LinkedIn page for senior staff lighting lead Jeremy Vickery. Vickery has worked at Bend Studio since September 2017.

Days Gone launched in April to solid reviews such as our own which praised the game for its dynamic open world and survival mechanics. “Ripping across the vast wilderness looking for hordes to wipe out is undoubtedly fun, and Deacon’s sort of comic book story is competent,” the review’s author wrote. “Is it an excellent open world game? Not quite. Is it worth playing? Oh yeah.”

The game also reportedly had positive sales (at least in the US).

With the success of Days Gone and the PS5 being scheduled to launch late next year, it is possible that Bend Studio is working on a next-gen sequel but that hasn’t been officially confirmed.

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