Big Fixes Are Coming to Gears 5 Very Soon

The Coalition Says Big Improvements Are Incoming to Gears 5

Earlier today The Coalition announced that there are some huge improvements incoming to Gears 5 very soon. In fact, they detailed exactly which issues of the game they’re most focused on. According to the developer, they’ve been listening to the feedback are are working to make the game even better.

The Coalition stated that as they continue their post-launch support they’re working on resolving the issues that are having the most impact on player experience with the game. In fact, they even took to Twitter to announce the top priorities. Here’s what they had to say, “Gears Fans – we are listening and actively working to improve Gears 5. Here are our top priorities for the game moving forward: Service Stability – Very High, Ranked System – Very High, Gameplay Tuning – High, Matchmaking – High.”

You can check out some of the improvement highlights below.

1) Service Stability (Priority: Very High)

  • Players may not see earned rewards (in-game content, stars, etc.) in the post match flow. While these rewards are showing up later, we are working to ensure all players see rewards as soon as they are earned.

2) Ranking Points Not Awarded Correctly (Priority: Very High)

  • Post-match tier skill points are not working as intended. They are inaccurate, inconsistent and not representative of a player’s individual performance.
  • The net result of this is players are seeing potentially dramatic and wrong rank increases and/or decreases.
  • We have identified the issue and have a permanent fix in progress – we are currently working on the implementation.

3) Matchmaking Quality (Priority: High)

  • Matches in select regions can have higher than acceptable pings.
  • Wait times can be unusually long in some regions
  • A potential cause has been identified and solutions to improve the situation are in progress.

gears 5 vista

4) Versus Gameplay Tuning (Priority: High)

  • We are investigating further weapon balance tuning in Versus
  • Our current focus is on the Lancer, Breaker, Markza and Melee.
  • We are monitoring both feedback and in-game data in response to our latest Markza tuning.

5) In-Game Network Corrections (Priority: Medium)

  • Players experiencing occasional lag and/or teleporting mid-match
  • Investigation ongoing

6) Campaign Progression Catchup (Priority: Medium)

  • Some players are still missing Campaign progress following our rollout to resolve the issue
  • Our team have a lead on the cause and are working to resolve this as soon as possible.

The Coalition has also noted that they may be making some necessary temporary changes to the game, like the removal of post-game stats, in order to make these fixes a little easier. For the full list of upcoming changes and improvements, you can read them here. Are you enjoying Gears 5 so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!