The Studio That Ported Jedi Outcast To PS4 and Switch Plans on Developing Remakes

The Studio Behind the Recent Jedi Outcast Ports Is Looking Into Remakes and Making New Games

Aspyr, the developer studio that ported Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast to PS4 and Switch has big plans for the future, according to an interview with Aspyr’s publishing VP, Elizabeth Howard.

Jedi Outcast

“We are looking at remakes,” Howard told “We are looking at other ways to extend brands that might be surprising to the audience, and ultimately transition into original game development. So, can we use some of these as steps in trying to build incredible capabilities in representing brands in games, and be really known for the AAA delivery of games licensed IPs?”

However, Howard acknowledged the benefits of re-visiting well-known older titles and noted that “it’s really challenging to launch new IPs, whereas re-imagining or re-releasing older content makes a lot more sense.”

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