One on One Dueling Has Been Added to Mordhau

Doesn’t Get More Dramatic Than This

The first person Medieval simulator Mordhau is going to have a 1 vs 1 mode. There will now finally be a place where disgruntled players or people just looking for a challenge can battle it out to the death. However, this has not just been added so angry 12-year-olds can settle their differences. The 1 vs 1 game mode has a competitive ranking system that will display your stats as well as your ranking to other players. That way you know what kind of person you are fighting before you actually get in there.


The ranking system is still in beta, so some minor changes will probably be made. The developers have also shown interest in lending this ranking system for the smaller 3 vs 3 battles as well.

Mordhau has always been a competitive game in spirit, but there has never been a way to really show off who’s the best of the best. But this ranking system changes everything. It would not too much of a stretch to see Mordhau on the E-Sports scene sooner or later. The community definitely has the types of people who would gladly play competitively.

Duels and a ranking system are not the only things that have been added to this update. The kicking mechanic has been tweaked too. Not kicking people from matches, but actually kicking people in the game. Just to be clear. You can now kick at longer ranges and it isn’t going to take up as much stamina as before. You can also kick people off ladders now. Which is going to lead to some ridiculous moments.

Two new maps are supposedly coming out very soon according to the game’s developers. So stay tuned for more Mordhau news.

Mordhau is available on Steam on PC.