Death Stranding Difficulty Includes Very Easy Mode for Movie Fans

Approved By Kojima’s Assistant

Death Stranding might be the anti-Dark Souls. Hear me out. Dark Souls is a punishingly difficult game where any story takes the backseat to the gameplay. According to Hideo Kojima’s assistant Ayako Terashima, Death Stranding has a Very Easy option when choosing the difficulty. Let’s quickly address the real news here: Kojima has an assistant for play testing his game. Sign me up. This choice of Death Stranding difficulty is apparently meant for those who do not normally play video games and just want the cinematic experience.

Death Stranding Difficulty

Terashima said that the game took her about a month to beat. She started on August 6th and tweeted out that she finished it on September 5th. This was while she was doing her day to day work, meaning that this was not a month-long intensive playthrough, pouring in hours and hours a day. Hideo Kojima expanded on her comments saying that because of how cinematic the game is, and the actors involved, movie fans should be able to enjoy the game as much as anyone.

While the most casual of gamers are being considered with Very Easy Mode, the hardcore action game fans will not be neglected. There will be the usual Normal and Hard modes as well. Death Stranding comes out on November 8th exclusively on PS4.

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Source: Twitter