Borderlands 3 Cinematic Launch Trailer Sees Vault Hunters, New and Old

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Gearbox just pushed out a new Borderlands 3 launch trailer. Not the one accompanying the live launch party we talked about yesterday. The Borderlands 3 cinematic launch trailer was released earlier today, but apparently someone on Twitter jumped the gun a bit too soon. It was taken down, but then re-uploaded officially before I had even gotten out of bed. Anyway, all is good and you can watch it with musically royalty backing it up. That’s Queen, for the younger folk. I mean, that’s the Rami Malek movie band, for the younger folk.

Borderlands 3 Cinematic Launch Trailer

The trailer starts with a livestream coming from the Calypso Twins, Tyreen and Troy. After a quick sign-on, a legion of psychos descend on our new Vault Hunters. We get a quick glimpse of our more familiar characters on Sanctuary 3, blasting off to come to their rescue. Teaming up with characters from the previous games like Brick, Mordecai, Tina, and Maya, the new Vault Hunters take on a mechanized robot animitronic psycho. After a swift victory, they drop their guns in a mic-drop fashion. Then Lilith leads them into combat directly with the Calypso Twins in an X-Men cartoon way where both sides run at each other and collide. Troy dab at the end!

Whew! A lot happens in that trailer. Although it is all new footage, we have seen all this kind of stuff before. I, for one, still love it. Seven Seas of Rhye by Queen plays throughout the trailer. The wait for Borderlands 3 is nearly over as it launches on September 13th on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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Source: YouTube