NBA 2K20 is Off to a Very Disappointing Start

Bugs and Glitches Are a Huge ProblemĀ 

NBA 2K20 was released only three days ago and the game is already facing major technical issues. The game is filled to the brim with bugs and glitches. Some of these are minor and have little to no impact towards the game, however, there some which can outright ruin the experience of players.

NBA 2K20 MyCareer

People have been reporting a myriad of bugs since NBA 2K20s launch. Small glitches like disappearing name tags, games not ending, and connectivity trouble are some of the most common. But there is one bug/glitch that players have run into that has sent the 2K community into an uproar.

Droves of 2K players have all reported that the experience that they gain from games that should go towards their player’s overall and badges is not transferring over. This means that there is a large segment of the player base that is essentially playing for nothing at the moment. This has obviously ruffled some feathers due to the fact that most players spend real-world money on their MyCareer character in order to get ahead.

As of right now, 2K has not commented on how to fix this issue or really acknowledged it at all. That has not stopped YouTubers from offering solutions to these problems There is no official consensus at the moment however, it appears as though there is no permanent way to fix this problem. 2K is going to have to release a patch quickly in order to clean up the game.

2K has not had the best PR in the past years. They are infamous for aggressively participating in the most shunned and dispised business practices in the gaming industry. Microtransactions, misleading customers, pay to win game modes. Everything.

This fiasco is not going to help their image much either.