The Heavy Plays the Borderlands 3 Theme Song Live at Launch Party

I Put It on the Line

What’s a party without tunes? Gearbox’s launch party for Borderlands 3 was held on Friday, September 6th. Aside from the game in general, quite a bit was revealed at the event, specifically the intro song. The Borderlands series is known for the characters, guns, and outrageous style, but it is also known for having stylish intros to their games. Every Borderlands 3 promotional piece has used a raging song with it, but at the launch party saw a live performance of the Borderlands 3 theme song by UK rock band The Heavy.

Borderlands 3 Theme Song

Going through each of the Borderlands games, Cage the Elephant’s song Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked was used in the first game, The Heavy’s first appearance in the Borderlands series was in the second game with How You Like Me Now?, The Pre-Sequel’s theme song was Black Dragon by The Vines. The Heavy returns to Borderlands 3 with Put It on the Line. They played it live at the Borderlands 3 launch party, backed up with psycho-ette dancers and the intro cinematic playing behind them.

The intro cinematic that will be seen in the game has not been officially released, but we get some glimpses. It starts with a psycho standing in front of a Children of the Vault billboard, scratching his back… with a severed arm. He finds a Crimson Raiders poster before getting splattered by a vehicle. FL4K’s skag companion picks up the poster and shows it to his master and the other Vault Hunters. The Vault Hunters then crash a baddie-hangout and do what they do best. Everyone gets a time to shine before a familiar bus pulls up to let them on.

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Source: YouTube