Some Absolute Genius Has Made Duck Hunt In Super Mario Maker 2

A+ For Creativity 

Super Mario Maker 2 allows players the freedom to construct just about anything that they can imagine. One player has taken this to the next though. They have managed to create the NES classic Duck Hunt within Super Mario Maker 2.

super mario maker 2

The creativity that has come out of this community, in particular, is astounding. The amount of options that the game grants players went it comes to designing a level is next to endless. So it should be no surprise that someone has decided to pay homage to the older generations of gaming.

The reimagined Duck Hunt game was uploaded by a user under the name Kray0n. The level is simply called Duck Hunt and has soared in popularity within the past few days. It is actually quite straightforward. The level takes Mario though a trap door with an ON/Off switch above him. Above Mario are a bunch of flying Koopa Troopas that you have to eliminate in order to beat the level.

The way to win is by waiting for an enemy to float into a makeshift crosshair that the creator has placed at the center of the screen. Once they are in the middle of the crosshair Mario has to hit the ON/OFF switch that is nearby him. This will then trigger the “crosshair” and eliminate the enemies. You’ll have to destroy seven of the flying Koopa Troopas in order to win. This is not the most challenging of levels, but it is definitely one of the most fun and entertaining.

To add to the nostalgia, the creator added the original Super Mario Bros theme to the level. The level can be found using the course ID of 7Y1-X73-71G.

What other wacky ideas need to be brought to life in Super Mario Maker 2?

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