Control’s Expansions Launch in 2020 and Continue the Main Story

Sounds Like We Shouldn’t Expect Control’s First DLC to Release This Year

Control has only been out for nearly two weeks and the game’s fans are already itching for new content. Two expansions were announced earlier this year with the first one, The Foundation, originally slated to release this winter.

However, according to Control’s narrative designer Brooke Maggs, the first expansion will launch in 2020 and the second expansion, AWE, will come out later that year.


“We just released a blog post saying there are some things that we’d like to fix. So we’re tackling those. Then we have a few things lined up before the end of the year, and then next year we have two expansions coming,” Maggs told US Gamer at PAX West 2019. A major update is planned to go live later this month, according to the aforementioned official blog post.

As for how these expansions will deal with the game’s protagonist Jesse Faden, Maggs said that the expansions will “address a number of things that are left open at the end of the game” and focus on Jesse’s role as Director of the game’s Federal Bureau of Control. “I can’t give too much away,” Maggs explained, “but I think we definitely find out a bit more about how Jesse handles her role as a director, and we find out more about the Oldest House.”


Maggs also said that some things that didn’t make it into the final version of the game could appear in the expansions. “Some of those ideas were distilled in some cool ideas that we could [include in a] small way, but then there were others things that we thought, ‘Let’s leave that to an expansion.’ We’ve definitely saved some things for later,” she said.