Ninja is Upset With Twitch for Using His Old Channel to Promote Pornography

Despite Being on Mixer Now, Ninja and Twitch are Fighting

For those who have been living in a cave for the past few weeks. Ninja, the long-time Twitch streamer decided to take his talents over to Mixer, a rival streaming service. It appeared as though both Twitch and Ninja parted ways on good terms. However, if that was ever true, it certainly is not the case now.

Ninja Twitch cheating rumors

Ninja took to Twitter to voice his outrage over the fact that Twitch was still using his channel to promote other streams. And on top of that, the streams that were being promoted on Twitch were pornographic in nature. Ninja has a large following of children and teenagers and apologized to them if they had accidentally happened to stumble across the elicited content.

Only a few hours later it was announced by the streamer that Twitch has reverted his channel to offline mode. Ninja’s channel was the only “dead” channel that Twitch was keeping alive, for obvious reasons.  He had built up his brand for eight years on Twitch and arguably helped the company grow as a whole. The loss of someone like Nija is going to hurt them severely. Especially after how they handled his departure from the company.

Twitch has not done well in the public relations department this year. This incident is just one of many blunders. Earlier this year, Twitch banned a streamer by the name of TF Blade for uttering a racial slur despite the fact he never said anything of the sorts. Himself, along with everyone who watched the stream also confirmed that nothing along those lines was said. TF Blade eventually got his channel back.

What does the future of Twitch look like after this?