Need For Speed is Around the Corner – EA Unveils Countdown Timer

We Are Only a Couple of Days Away! 

EA has revealed that a new Need For Speed is not far away. EA has just dropped a countdown timer to what can safely be assumed is a trailer for the game. As of writing this, there is one day and twenty hours left. Once this timer runs down to zero, a trailer will be displayed for the world to see. At least that’s what should happen.

need for speed payback

Need for Speed is a much-beloved game by many old school gamers who will be anxious to play the next installment. The racing franchise first started way back in 1994. The series will actually be celebrating its 25th anniversary this month. There has been next to no information that has been released or leaked prior to this countdown clock. So whatever they have in store for fans will be a total surprise.

The last installment in the franchise, Need for Speed Payback, came out only two years ago in 2017. The game offered a large and expansive open world for the player to roam and race other people alongside their friends. It was a strange concept for a racing game which is usually quite linear. This new take on the racing genre was ambitious but was not very well received by the fans or critics. Payback was largely regarded as a forgettable experience. Nothing special.

So, if EA wants to revive the racing genre and relive its glory days, it is going to have to pul out all the stops. The racing genre is innately quite limiting to what you can put into it. It will be a challenge for EA to make another hit game. Long are the days of the old Need for Speeds and Midnight Club. The people want something new.