Ninja Has Already Amassed Half a Million Subscribers on Mixer After Leaving Twitch

Twitch is Punching the Air Right Now

A few days ago, the world-famous video game streamer Ninja announced that he would be leaving Twitch and instead be joining forces with rival company Mixer. This shocked many people within the video game industry, especially his fans. Ninja and Twitch were both heavily associated with one another and it seemed as though the two were inseparable. But of course, this was not the case.

Ninja Leaves Twitch

Mixer, a relatively smaller streaming company was able to negotiate a deal with Ninja. Upon his sudden departure, some people were skeptical about how this would pan out for both parties. However, at the time of writing this, Ninja has managed to gain 500,000 subscribers on his new platform. The people over at Mixer clearly made the right move.

Ninja announced his new partnership with Mixer at the beginning of this month, and within only four days he has been able to amass a sizable following. This subscriber count is only expected to grow as well. Right now the Ninja has 22 million subscribers on YouTube. So don’t be surprised if we start to see some of those people migrate over to Mixer.

Ninja had 10 million followers on Twitch but, according to Screen Rant, only had 15,000 subscribers. Mixer is also running a promotion that is allowing people to currently subscribe to Ninja for free. So this would have definitely helped their numbers.

This move was thought to be a bit of a risk by many. Twitch is the biggest streaming service in the world. And certainly the most recognizable. That being said, you could easily attribute the success of Twitch to people like Ninja.

Now he could grow Mixer in the same way. The money they gave him is a good incentive as well.