It Appears We Will See a Superhot Nintendo Switch Release Soon

“Shadow Drop” Sounds Like a Cool Game Title

Rumors and leaks are built on the backs of dataminers. One found evidence of a Superhot update on the Nintendo Switch. But updates aren’t uncommon; why is this news? Well, because Superhot has not been released on the Switch. It hasn’t even been announced. This leak in conjunction with another leak suggests that we will see a Superhot Nintendo Switch version coming very soon. These two leaks come from dataminer-Twitter user @itssimontime and industry analyst Daniel Ahmad.

Superhot Nintendo Switch

A couple of days ago, Simon Time tweeted out an image that shows an update for Superhot on the Switch. Again, Superhot is currently only on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Mac. On top of that, we have Ahmad tweeting out that two indie games will be “shadow dropped” and that we will see an Xbox game at IndieWorld, which is a Nintendo event. This means that these games will be released at the same time that they are announced or without being announced at all. He says “Both games are Hot.” It’s not entirely clear which games he’s talking about, but we can guess that one of them is Superhot. The other “Hot” game is anyone’s guess.

The second game could be Hotline Miami. Another possibility could be that Superhot in VR/Labo could be a different game and that Superhot is just coming out twice. But Hotline Miami seems more likely. Nintendo’s IndieWorld will take place tomorrow, so we will have our answers then.

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Source: Twitter