Popular Streamer Ninja Had His Instagram Account Hacked

Happens to the Best of Us

Ninja is arguably the world’s most popular streamer. Tyler Blevins grew hugely in popularity after amassing record-breaking numbers of viewers for his streams. Ninja rose to fame when Fornite was at its peak. He has made multiple appearances on news channels as well as had the chance to play with quite a few celebrities. He and Drake have even played together. Unfortunately, Belvins’ Instagram was hacked today.

Ninja Twitch cheating rumors

With this amount of status and high reputation surrounding Ninja, a hack like this was bound to happen. It is not uncommon for celebrities to have their social media hacked or taken down by some malicious keyboard warrior. And this is no exception.

Today on July 25th, an image was posted on his Instagram claiming that he was going to be giving away brand new iPhones and V-Bucks (the in-game currency that is used in Fortnite). The V-Bucks give away was not entirely unbelievable as this is something that Ninja has done before. However, the iPhone give away made no sense due to the streamer’s open partnership with Samsung.

The first post was taken down quickly but was then reuploaded 30 minutes later to the demise of Ninja. This points in the direction that the hacker could somehow use the account at the same time as Ninja. His Instagram stories then began to start promoting, even more giveaways but this time with even crazier prizes.

Ninjas’ wife, Jessica Blevins was kind enough to keep her husband’s fans updated. At around 9 AM EST, the account was finally recovered. The links posted on Ninja’s social media let to a website that contained spam and malware viruses. The identity of the hacker is unknown and will most likely stay that way. It is hard to track those kinds of people down.