A Man Has Beaten the First Level of GoldenEye Using Only a Piano

This Guy Should be the Next James Bond

There has been a whole manner of wacky ways in which people have played video games. It has become a bit of a trend as of late. Hooking up the old Nintendo Power Glove to play Call of Duty for instance. Maybe trying to beat Guitar Hero using only your toes. The opportunities are really endless. If you have a knack for tech and video games you can play just about any game with anything. That is what Youtuber Jackson Parodi has done. This maverick has raised the bar a couple of feet. By beating the first level of GoldenEye using a piano.

Yes, a piano.

Like videos similar to this, Parodi managed to match certain keys to different actions in the game. The run-through is not pretty or elegant but that should be expected when the guy is using a piano to play a video game. The piano still works as well so when he presses on the keys, music comes out. When he is able to, Parodi plays the famous James Bond theme song. It really adds to the experience. The video is only three minutes long so it’s not a chore to watch. It would be hard to imagine an entire playthrough of the whole game using this method.

Again, this is just one of many Youtube channels who have taken on the challenge of beating old video games with obscure or bizarre equipment.  ATwerkingYoshi, for instance, used those goofy DK Bongos to beat Sekiro. God knows how he was able to pull that off.

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