Lust for Darkness Nintendo Switch Version Will Give Owners Scarections

This Takes Freaky Sex Stuff to a Whole New Level

WARNING: If dongs and titties aren’t for you, probably don’t watch the trailer below. Lust for Darkness came out on Steam a little more than a year ago. It is described as an erotic horror game and well, it nails that description. It is a psychological horror game with a weird sex cult backdrop. Jump forward to today, Lust for Darkness Nintendo Switch version came out on Friday. I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. Nintendo doesn’t usually go for games of a sexual nature. Well, it’s 2019 and everything is coming up tits.

Lust for Darkness Nintendo Switch Version

The story of Lust for Darkness is that a man goes in search of his wife who has been missing since the previous year. His search leads him to a sex cult where everyone wears masks, it’s kind of the perfect place. That is, until he discovers the truth. This cult is on a mission to discover continual and everlasting pleasure, which still sounds pretty sweet. This cult worships beings from an alien dimension who begins transforming and mutating its followers into perpetually orgasm-ing creatures. For some reason, the protagonist ops to continue searching for his wife instead of joining the cult.

If you are at work/do not want to play the trailer, it looks like Layers of Fear with a ton of nude mods. If you enjoy Lust for Darkness, you are in luck. A follow-up game has been successfully kickstarted recently. Lust for Darkness is on the Nintendo eShop for the Switch and Steam for PC.

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Source: YouTube