Developer of Man of Medan Has Much More to Come

Man of Medan Comes Out Next Month

Supermassive Games, the creators of the interactive horror game Until Dawn will be releasing their newest game next month. Titled Man of Medan, the game takes place on a sunken ghost ship. What happens next exactly is, of course, a mystery. The developers have been incredibly careful about showing gameplay and releasing information which could potentially ruin the story. If you have never had a chance to play Until Dawn you might wanna try it out. It is an incredibly unique experience. You take control of a group of stereotypical teenagers who are all meeting up at a friend’s cabin on top of a mountain. From there, everything goes wrong. The game plays like a horror movie.

Man of Medan

Despite the fact that Man of Medan’s release date is rapidly approaching, Supermassive Games has said there are many more games to come. They are planning an anthology of games called The Dark Pictures. In a recent interview, one of the developers stated that they have another seven games planned out. The future is looking good for fans of this series.

Managing director Pete Samuels said, “[they’re] still on track for delivering two every 12-month period.” So it is looking as though these games could become a yearly release. Almost nothing is known about the details of the next game. However, Samuels said that the next title is underdevelopment. Perhaps another game could be out by the end of 2020?

There has been no word on whether or not there will be a sequel to Until Dawn. Something that has been rumored about for some time. It appears that Supermassive is very busy with everything they have on their table. So a sequel might be far away.

Man of Medan drops for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 and August 30th.

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