The Developer Behind No Man’s Sky Offers Friendly Advice To Bethesda and EA

Just a Bit of Constructive Criticism 

The launches of both Anthem and Fallout 76 have been nothing short of a disaster. And that is putting it mildly. The huge expectations that were established for both games fell short and was a massive disappointment for fans. This has not been the first time that games have failed to live up to their own hype. No Man’s Sky fell victim to this as well. Another game that simply could not deliver on the promises made pre-release. So in a gesture of good faith, Sean Murray, the main man behind No Man’s Sky offered some friendly advice to both studios.

e3 2019

Murray spoke at the Develop conference in Brighton, England. This was where Murray essentially told the struggling developers to take action. He said that fans simply are not interested in apologies, they want a better product. He said, “There have been a number of games that have since come out, had a polarizing launch, and that explosive mix of loads of people playing it and also problems. and I can see EA, Microsoft, or Bethesda try to placate players by just talking to them, but for right or wrong, it just really doesn’t work.”

Murray knows what he is talking about too. After the let-down that was the initial launch of No Man’s Sky, Murray and his studio worked tirelessly to correct what was missing in the game. Through constant patches and updates, No Man’s Sky was actually a solid game in the end. It just took a lot of time. Rome 2 Total War was also in this scenario. At launch, the game was nearly unplayable. However, after years of improvements made, Rome 2 Total War is regarded as one of the best games in the series. So there is hope for EA and Bethesda.

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