Blizzard May Have Just Leaked the New Overwatch Hero [SPOILERS]

Eighteenth Letter of the Greek Alphabet: Σ

A couple of days ago, Jeff Kaplan announced Overwatch’s new feature Role Queue. With such a bold and big change coming to Overwatch, some visuals were shown off to some of the bigger names in the community. The team for Mexico in the Overwatch World Cup had some of these images shared with them, and they in turn shared it with the internet. While this was meant to be about Role Queue, a new face found his way into an image. The new Overwatch hero Sigma is featured in the Role Queue screenshot.

New Overwatch Hero New Overwatch Hero

It’s only a portrait thumbnail of him, but there he is, clear as day. Enlarging the image further would make Sigma all pixel-y and not really give a better look, so that might be the best we can do. Because this is just a thumbnail, we have no idea what the rest of Sigma’s body looks like or what kind of hero he will be. Overwatch’s roster is pretty famously diverse. Sigma is the word for the Greek letter Σ, so maybe he is Greek? The letter is also used in math, as Blizzard’s tease of the character shows.

It is unclear if the initial image shared by the Mexican Overwatch team intentionally showed Sigma. The tweet of Jeff Kaplan being eaten by math came a couple of days after that, so maybe that was Blizzard trying to spin with the possible leak.

What kind of hero do you think Sigma will be? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Twitter