The Trailer For Season 2 of Apex Legends Just Dropped

Season 2 is Almost Here

The second season of Apex Legends is coming out on July 2nd. The online battle royale game launched with a massive boom. However, the hype surrounding the game died off quickly and players soon went elsewhere to get their multiplayer fix. The second season of this game is going to try and win those people back as well as bring on new fans and keep them interested. Since everyone has the attention spans of goldfish nowadays it will be no easy task, but not impossible. There have been plenty of multiplayer juggernauts like Fornite that have been able to remain relevant for years. As a matter of fact, Fortnite is the game that Apex Legends it looking to dethrone.

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The majority of the trailer is pretty standard and just shows off the various characters exchanging cheesy oneliners as they all fight one another. However, it ends with a massive swarm of monsters and flying lizard creatures flooding into the arena. The bizarre-looking dinosaur things that linger in the ocean also make an appearance. It is unclear what exactly this is going to mean for the actual gameplay. Could there be a horde mode, were you and three other players have to hold out against the monsters? It is unlikely that they will play any significant roll in the multiplayer aspect as it could ruin the battle royale formula. But who knows. This is just pure speculation.

What is for certain is that EA needs this new season to be a hit. EA had a horrendous fiscal year and are looking to rebound from its losses. The CEO and other executives have even surrendered their annual performance bonuses to EA employees as a sign of gratitude. It is tough times over at EA and Apex Legends could fix that.