Psychonauts 2 Studio Double Fine Acquired by Microsoft

Psychonauts 2 Is Now Getting Published By Microsoft

Update (6:46 PM ET): COGconnected has learned that Psychonauts 2 has been delayed to 2020.

Original Story:

Double Fine Productions, the studio that’s making Psychonauts 2, has been acquired by Microsoft and has joined Xbox Game Studios. According to Double Fine CEO Tim Schafer, the upcoming Psychonauts sequel is still coming to all platforms it’s been announced for, so it’s still coming to PS4, Mac, and Linux along with PC and Xbox One.

“Being independent for almost 20 years has given Double Fine a distinct identity and a unique spirit that goes really deep here, and no one can change that,” Schafer explained in the video posted above. “And nobody wants to. Microsoft wants us for who we are and the kind of games we’re already making.”

Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 was originally getting published by Starbreeze Studios but its parent company has ran into serious financial trouble recently so it makes sense for Double Fine to work with a new publisher that’s financially stable like Microsoft.

Notably, the E3 2019 trailer for the game didn’t have a release date (even though the game has been previously confirmed for a 2019 launch).

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