PlatinumGames Studio Head Is Unimpressed With Next-Gen Consoles

Next-Gen Consoles Are “More of the Same,” Says PlatinumGames Developer

While many gamers are anticipating the upcoming Project Scarlett and PS5, PlatinumGames studio head Atsushi Inaba has said recently that these next-gen consoles are just “more of the same”.

next-gen consoles

Inaba told Video Games Chronicle that since the next-generation won’t have custom chips, the new consoles are being created with already existing tech. “Game hardware used to be about custom chips that you couldn’t do on PCs,” Inaba said. “Now you look at it and they’re just grabbing stuff that already exists.”

When asked about the next-gen plans of Sony & Microsoft, Inaba wasn’t exactly enthusiastic. “It’s OK,” he said. “And by that I mean, I’m sure that things will move faster, graphics will be better and maybe it will be easier with less wait times…that’s good for the consumer.”

“But it’s more of the same, quite frankly, compared to previous generations,” he continued. “It’s nothing that’s disruptive or super innovative, if you ask me.”

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