Beware The Beautiful Axilirator – Russian Cosplayer With Jaw Dropping Talent

Axilirator Cosplay Feature 

Welcome back cosplay fans! We are back at it again for another COGconnected cosplay feature. This weekend we are taking a peek at the beautiful Anastasia Melorin who is more commonly known as Axilirator in the cosplay scene. As a talented costume creator from Russia. Anastasia prides herself in the beautiful pieces she creates while also being very passionate about photography and of course, her adoring fans. For those who like to see boudoir shots of their favourite anime waifus or boudoir shots in general, she’s also very active on Patreon – delivering some very sensual and gorgeous pieces. Let’s take a peek at some of our favourite cosplays of hers.


An enamouring shot of our favourite feisty ADC, Jinx.



KDA Kai’Sa showing off some real skin. This particular shot is from a boudoir shoot that was featured on Patreon.

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Check out this epic cosplay music video from London Comic Con, the stunning cosplay of Hendo Art and we, of course, can’t forget the wonderful cosplay of Miss Chessa’s.

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