Activision Has Released Official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Screenshots

Picture Perfect Images of War

From the first rumors we heard about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it was very focused on the single player campaign. As the trailer has shown us, there is a lot of reason for all our attention to go there. Let’s not forget about what series this is though. This is Call of Duty. The quick-scoping, energy drink-drinking, kill-streaking Call of Duty. For a series heavily focused on multiplayer, we have not seen a whole lot of that aspect until today. Activision has released official Modern Warfare screenshots of its multiplayer mode.

Modern Warfare Screenshots

Modern Warfare Screenshots

The above images are compressed and resized, but trust me, the originals look pretty darn good. You can check them out on Activision’s Twitter page. The first image is of a sniper laying in the grass with camouflage¬†√Ę la All Ghillied Up. This screenshot confuses me because of the way it captures the depth of field, which is how eyes focus on objects at different distances. Games do not normally do that, everything is usually detailed pretty evenly. So what gives? Why does it look like the way my inferior human eyes think it should? I play video games so I do not have to look at real things with my eyes.

The second image shows a character that should be familiar to Modern Warfare fans. It’s a Juggernaut! This suggests that it will be a playable class or operator or whatever they will call Classes. In the business of annual releases, updated graphics and better visuals are often overlooked. Probably because they only look one year better. If anything, these images help better inform us about the content of multiplayer rather than just what it looks like. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes out on October 25th for PS4 and Xbox One.

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Source: Twitter