According to the Sony CEO Console Gaming Is a “Niche Market”

Turns out the CEO of Sony Thinks Console Gaming Is “Niche”

While many in the industry believe that streaming is the future of gaming, it seems that Sony is less convinced. This is despite the success that PlayStation Now has seen since its launch. While Sony doesn’t seem to be putting all their eggs in the streaming basket they do still have an inkling on where the future of gaming is headed.

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Sony is aware that with streaming the gaming market will continue to grow. In a recent interview CEO Kenichiro Yoshida talked a bit about streaming services while he interestingly called console gaming “niche”. Here’s what he had to say about it all, “As we speak, we provide, as I said, the immersive business and experience is something we would like to continue to place importance on. If you look at the game industry as a whole, the console market is not a major market, rather it’s a niche market if you will. But for core gamers, immersive experiences are something we would like to value. In this respect, for the time being, the console as something that brings about computing functionality to the users is very important, but on the other hand, technology will progress and so as I said today, the Remote Play and PlayStation Now, the streaming services will be worked on in parallel, that is what we are doing at this moment.”

Though some may believe that the future of gaming is just about streaming it looks like Sony has no plans to abandon their console development. What do you think about what Kenichiro Yoshida had to say? Do you agree that while streaming is going to allow the industry to grow, it’s not the only aspect of gaming? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!