Total War: Three Kingdoms is Already Breaking Records

Three Kingdoms has broken series sales records on Steam

The newest installment to the grand strategy franchise Total War is already outperforming previous titles in the series. Total War: Three Kingdoms has only been out since Thursday, making this feat even more impressive. The player count is at 162,592 as of right now. When compared to other Total War games this is quite impressive. Rome II had a player count of 111,240 and Warhammer’s was 111,909.

Total War Three Kingdoms


These numbers could be explained due to Steams growing presence in China. Valve has been pushing to grow its influence in China for years now and it looks as though it has paid off.

Usually set within a European on Japanese time in history. Total War: Three Kingdoms is the first Total War game that has ever been set in China. So it is not hard to piece together why the Chinese would have such an affinity for the game.

For those unaware, Total War is a grand strategy game that takes place over a long list of historical settings. The player is then allowed to select a faction to play as. From there, it is essentially your job to conquer the world. There are diplomatic ways to go about this, but war is always the number one option.

What makes this franchise so special is its infamous battles which the player can control. Instead of watching two avatars clumsily hit each other on the campaign map to signify a battle, Total War gives the player the ability to actually fight the battles using the armies they have raised from scratch. At some times you could be controlling literally thousands of soldiers at once. This series is a must for any history nerd.

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