New Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Trailer Features the X-Men

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Just as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 based its story off of the Civil War comic series, the third installment, The Black Order is appearing to be based off the Infinity Gauntlet series. The Black Order, if you are unaware, are a group of ruthless and highly skilled intergalactic beings who serve Thanos. A version of The Black Order appears in the MCU as the Children of Thanos. They appear as antagonists in the new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 trailer. In this new trailer, we see the Black Order setting their sights on the X-Men.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Trailer

The X-Men, Professor Xavier’s merry band of mutants, often takes on Magneto’s own Brotherhood of Mutants. We see classic match-up like Juggernaught vs Colossus and Wolverine vs Sabertooth, but now they have a common enemy. In the newest trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, we see the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants team up to fight the mutant-hunting Sentinels and the title villains The Black Order. After showing off the skills of the mutants, the trailer closes just before a confrontation between them and The Black Order, with Magneto wielding the Power Stone. Hinting at the team-up of the opposed mutants, he says “Perhaps an Alliance is called for after all.” He did it! He said the thing!

In this trailer, we see X-Men such as Psylock, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, Storm, and Beast in action. We also get cutscenes featuring Brotherhood mutants like Magneto, Mystique, Juggernaught, and Scarlet Witch. Oh, and Deadpool taking a selfie with a taco, because… well, because. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order comes out July 19th on the Switch.

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