The Last of Us 2 Could be Released in Early 2020

Just Come Out Already

The Last of Us 2 might be kicking off the new decade. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier has stated that we should be expecting to see the game drop in early 2020. Possibly in February. Most assumed that the Last of Us 2 would come out in the Fall. Think again. Nothing has been confirmed by anyone yet. So its all rumors at this point. Either way, it will be a great and much deserved last hurrah for the PS4.

The Last of Us Part II HERO 2

To add to the rumors. This move (if true) may have been made to release The Last of Us 2 with Sony’s new console. It would make sense. The PS5 is most likely going to make an appearance at this years E3. Sony would also give the PS5 release date at their conference. So why not kick off the launch of your new console with a monster game like The Last of Us 2? Everyone should assume that Sony (and Microsoft for that matter) have learned from their past mistakes.

When the PS4 and Xbox One first came out there were very little games available to players, let alone big AAA titles. This problem did eventually change of course. Sony actually had a popular bundle deal with a remastered version of the Last of Us that came with the PS4.

The PlayStation 4 has done incredibly well for itself and Sony would love to keep that success going. So why not start strong with a massively popular game at launch? If they choose to do this it would definitely remedy their past woes.

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