Valve Index VR Headset Officially Revealed

Thousand Bucks For The Whole Rig

The Valve Index VR headset has now officially seen the light of day! We now know how much it’s going to be (a lot) and when it’s coming out (real soon!). The high-end virtual reality rig is Valve’s answer to the often-asked question, “Just what are they doing these days?”

Valve Index VR

So, good news first: if you were waiting with bated breath for this VR headset, you won’t have much longer to do so. The Valve Index VR rig is coming on June 28th, 2019. The complete setup will require 999 USD to acquire, however. If you’re feeling thrifty, you can snag the headset by itself for a mere $499. So what’s humming away under the hood?

The Index has two 1440 x 1600 LCD displays, Base Station 2.0 tracking, and adjustable headphones. The controllers come with finger tracking, on top of all the regular bells and whistles needed for VR gaming. It seems like Steam’s VR library will be compatible with the Index when it comes out, which is actually a big relief. If you’re curious, you can check out the headset’s site right here.