Rumor: Jim Carrey’s Robotnik Look Leaks, Sonic Movie Trailer May Drop Tomorrow

New Sonic Info Could Be Coming In Fast

An awfully official looking image showing Jim Carrey in Robotnik gear for the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie has started making the rounds on social media, along with a rumor that we could see the first real footage of the film as soon as tomorrow.

As you can see in the tweet above, popular Sega fan account @SEGAbits seems to have gotten its hands on the first image of the beloved Ace Ventura actor as Dr. Eggman, and used a couple more images to boost its credibility.

Naturally, take the image and trailer prediction with a grain of salt, as this is the internet we’re talking about. Here’s hoping that trailer does drop tomorrow though, as I’m sure fans and haters alike are eager for more content to meme the ever-living shit out of.

New Sonic Design

In other recent Sonic movie news, someone who claims to have seen the whole movie in its current state posted a synopsis online recently, and Sonic’s Dad, Yuji Naka, had some choice words regarding the character’s design in the film. It’s set to drop this coming November 8th, with Ben Schwartz voicing the Blue Blur.

SOURCE: Twitter