Rogue Sonic Movie AMA Appears On Reddit

Not For Very Long, But Still

Curiosity about the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film is high right now, especially with what we’ve seen of it so far. The promotional material all suggests this will be a glorious trainwreck, a fanfic writer’s dream, or both. Or it will be the start of a waking nightmare from which there is no escape. Either way, someone posted a rogue Sonic movie AMA on Reddit claiming they’ve seen the whole thing. Scandalous!

New Sonic Design

The thread in question vanished in almost record time, but the good folks at Resetera were nice enough to save all the truly juicy bits. For example, the plot is apparently that of a buddy cop film:

Sonic escapes his birth planet as a baby (rings are how Sonic got to Earth. He can throw one and imagine a place and it will take him there), is found by an owl and grows up on Earth. Ends up alone after some time and grows up staying hidden. He pretty much scavenges and lives in the shadows. He is known as “the blue devil” to the locals and thought of as an urban legend until he is found out about. Loneliness gets to him which leads to the government bringing in Robotnik to find the energy disturbance caused by Sonic. (Sonic makes an electrically charged run when he focuses or gets extremely emotional. His charged run is why he gets detected and how doc comes into the film.) Hijinks ensue and a good story is told as Tom the cop and Sonic become besties.

There’s plenty more where that came from, if you’re curious. Honestly, the whole thing reads like fan fiction come to life. Whether this is a) real and b) any kind of a watchable film will all be answered when the Sonic movie finally comes out this November.