Days Gone’s Motorbike Showcased in New Video

The Motorbike in Days Gone Is Crucial for Survival, Says the Game’s Developer

The various features of the motorbike of Days Gone protagonist Deacon St. John were showcased in a recent official video. According to the game’s developers at Bend Studio, his motorbike is a necessary tool for players to use out in the game’s post-apocalyptic wilderness.

“Everything about Deacon’s bike is related to surviving a world that’s trying to kill you,” Days Gone creative director John Garvin said. “It’s the fuel tank so that you don’t run out of gas. It’s the muffler so that you don’t make as much noise. It’s the saddle bags so you can carry more ammo. It’s the nitrous boost so you can gain extra bursts of speed when you’re trying to get away from Runners. It’s the frame of the bike for durability so that you can take more damage.”

Days Gone

Garvin also explained that upgrading the motorbike will allow players to drive to previously inaccessible areas by jumping over gaps with the bike.

Additionally, according to game director Jeff Ross, the bike is fully customizable with many cosmetic and “performance-related” options to choose from.

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