More Borderlands 3 Secret Morse Code Messages Surface

This Lore Is so Deep, I Can’t Even See Where Its Headed

For a game focused on guns, destruction, humor, and crazy characters, the Borderlands series has created quite a story. With third main installment quickly approaching, the story is appearing to deepen further. In the first Borderlands 3 teaser Mask of Mayhem, Gearbox added a Morse code message in the corner of the video. The message says “Count the Sirens”. For those not familiar with the Borderlands story, Sirens are an important group of beings with special powers. Now, more Borderlands 3 secret codes have appeared with equally cryptic messages.

Borderlands 3 Secret

Gearbox sure does seem to be a fan of Morse code. On the official Borderlands Twitch channel, when the stream is offline, there are a couple of Morse code messages. The “offline image” looks just like the box art with the exception of the dots and dashes. On their side of the psycho, there are messages hinting at Borderlands lore. On the left side, the code reads “Where is the first Vault Hunter”, and the right side message says “Who is the Destroyer”. Where there are codes, theories are sure to follow.

There is a theory going around regarding “the first Vault Hunter”. Some people believe that Patricia Tannis is the first Vault Hunter. She seems to be the go-to woman for information on the Eridians who are the ancient beings connected to all the Vaults. This theory also suggests that Tannis is the product of cloning and that there are many Tannises. Her mental breakdowns and cuckoo-ness in the first Borderlands game may be a byproduct of the cloning process.

Another theory suggests that the Destroyer is in fact the first Vault Hunter, sealed away and transformed into what we see in Borderlands 1. The code specifically refers to the Destroyer as a “Who” and not a “What”. All these cryptic messages are probably connected somehow, we just need to wait for September 13 to figure out how. You can check out the messages on the Borderlands Twitch channel when it goes offline, or just watch while it is live.

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Source: Twitch and YouTube