Warsaw Video Shows How the Game’s Reveal Was Made

The Upcoming Warsaw RPG Is Launching Later This Year

The announcement trailer for the WW2 RPG Warsaw came out last month and a recent video shows how the animation team at Human Ark was able to put the big reveal together.

Warsaw is a tactical RPG set during WW2 in the Polish city the game is named after. Players will take control of Polish resistance fighters battling against the Nazi occupiers of the city. The upcoming RPG is scheduled to launch in Q3 2019 for the PC, Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Here’s a list of the game’s features, per a press release:

  • A mix of tactical RPG with a touch of strategy
  • Team and equipment management
  • A deep system of interlocking skills
  • Flanking, cover, positioning, weapon range and ammo consumption – all need to be taken into account during firefights
  • A fully realized city to traverse
  • Leave the safety of your hideout to scout the streets, collect resources, recruit new members, and engage with enemy assailants

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Source: Press release