Days Gone Confirmed to Have Post-Launch DLC

Days Gone Launches on April 26th, 2019

Sony Bend has confirmed that there will be post-launch DLC for their upcoming PS4 exclusive, Days Gone.

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In a recent interview with GamerBraves (thanks Twisted Voxel), Sony Bend community manager David Lee talked about the company’s plans for future DLC. One of the questions asked was whether there would be any story DLC that would shed more light on the game’s main cast and explain more of their background.

“I think the main story will give that information to you. We have unannounced DLC but we cannot tell you about it yet. So keep an eye out for that,” responded David Lee. “With the main story, it should be sufficient enough to tell you the characters’ backstories that make you care for them one way or another.”

Judging from his reply, it’s hard to determine if Lee is talking about actual story expansions or just optional DLC like extra missions or items. In any case, it’s possible we’ll have this cleared up as we near closer to the game’s launch on April 26th.

In recent news, Sony Bend confirmed that Days Gone has officially gone gold which means there won’t be any more delays. The developers also confirmed that the game is about 30 hours long with six hours reserved for cutscenes.

Are you excited to finally play Days Gone next month? What do you think the DLC will be about? Let us know in the comments section below.