Sekiro Launch Trailer Shows Off Some Gorgeous Combat

Sekiro Comes Out Next Friday

The launch trailer for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that dropped on Monday showed off intense combat and a few of the enemies that players will take on when the game launches on March 22nd.

If you’re anticipating Sekiro this month then you should read an impressions article that we published last year during E3. “By the end of the demo, I bore witness to a variety of grotesque monsters, a ferocious boss encounter, and a colossal snake,” the article’s author wrote. “Sekiro appears to be an evolution of everything I love about the Souls series and Bloodborne.”


We also have a feature article published last October that revealed five reasons why we’re excited about Sekiro’s upcoming launch after playing a short demo.

“Most of my encounters came as a result of rushing into combat or failing a jump and being spotted,” the author explained. “From there, combat initiated and usually resulted in my deaths. My successful encounters, however, usually came about when I dispatched some enemies beforehand utilizing the stealth mechanics and not being overrun with enemies. While not a robust stealth game when compared to other titles, stealth is an important part of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and should be utilized if players wish for success.”

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