Days Gone Length is about 30 Hours with a Lot of Cutscenes

How Much Do you Really Play?

Days Gone is looking like one of the biggest games to be coming in 2019. If you thought zombies were on their way out, you were mistaken. Apparently, just change their names to Freakers and they are back in it. But that’s not all Days Gone has going for it. It has often been compared to The Last of Us, which as many of us know, that is a very good thing. What exactly can we expect in terms of Days Gone length? Last year, SIE Bend studio director Chris Reese was asked. He said “I don’t know yet. We haven’t seen anybody finish that yet. It’s big, it’s a lot of time you can spend in that world.”

Days Gone Length

A little bit of time has past since then and now they have more of an answer. Although the link is kind of broken right now, GameReactor said that developers have confirmed that Days Gone will be about 30 hours in length. They also said that there will be about 6 hours of cutscenes for the story. That is a lot of cutscene. That’s like a night’s sleep when you need to wake up early. That’s two Lord of the Rings movies, more than people were willing to play No Man’s Sky.

Of course, those 6 hours are not consecutive. They will no doubt be broken up into digestible chunks, but six out of thirty hours of the game is still a significant amount. Compared to other PlayStation exclusives, The Last of Us had an hour and a half of cutscenes and still managed to flesh out the story. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots had eight hours of cutscenes. Let’s not forget, the entire movies between gameplay in MGS4 was a big criticism. Days Gone is set to release on PS4 on April 26th.

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Source: ScreenRant