‘Warsaw’ Tactical WWII RPG Gets a Stunning, Heart-Felt Reveal

Hand-Painted Resistance Coming to Consoles and PC

Pixelated Milk and gaming company (an actual name) have revealed their a new tactical RPG, Warsaw. Set in the Polish city of the same name, the game takes players through a riveting adventure of resistance and strategic thinking while encapsulating some of the horrors of the 2nd World War.

Warsaw is a hand-painted adventure that follows a set of dynamic characters in war-torn central Europe. While it looks like a fun RPG, be prepared for some heavy moments. After all, the main characters are trying to survive a Nazi siege, and it’s the player’s job to keep them alive. There’s something here for history buffs and fans of great storytelling, presuming the narrative is on par with the trailer.

Speaking of which, here’s the gripping teaser trailer animated by studio Human Ark.

Developed by the talented team at Pixelated Milk, alongside efforts from publisher gaming company over the past 15 months, WARSAW brings to light Poland’s historic 1944 uprising providing an immersive experience of tactical urban warfare. Setting the tone of love, friendship, loyalty, and the invariable struggle against overwhelming odds the haunting teaser trailer, created by animation studio Human Ark with a song performed by acclaimed Polish singer, Brodka is a chilling early look at what’s in store for WARSAW.

  • A mix of tactical RPG with a touch of strategy
  • Team and equipment management
  • A deep system of interlocking skills
  • Flanking, cover, positioning, weapon range and ammo consumption – all need to be taken into account during firefights
  • A fully realized city to traverse
  • Leave the safety of your hideout to scout the streets, collect resources, recruit new members, and engage with enemy assailants

Players can explore the ravaged avenues of Central Europe in Q3 of 2019, through PC Windows, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. With the mesh of narrative and tactical role-playing, does Warsaw seem like the historical experience you’d want to explore? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE: Press Release