Samurai Shodown Coming to PS4 & Xbox One in June

Samurai Shodown Is Also Launching On PC & Switch

The cel-shaded fighting game Samurai Shodown is releasing on PS4 & Xbox One sometime in June, according to an official announcement. Additionally, the game will come out on the Nintendo Switch in Q4 2019 and on the PC “at a later date.”

Also, according to the announcement, PAX East 2019 attendees will be able to get their hands on this game and can even attend a PAX panel about Samurai Shodown that’ll be held on March 30th from 4:30 PM EDT to 5:30 PM EDT.

Set after Samurai Shodown V but before the events of the first game, the latest entry in the series takes place in 18th century Japan and features a roster comprised of sixteen characters (three of whom are newcomers). More characters will be added to the game through post-launch DLC.

Samurai Shodown

Samurai Shodown also comes with a story mode, practice mode, an online PvP mode, and several offline modes.

There’s also an online “Dojo” mode that has a CPU-avatar that learns your playstyle during offline play and creates a Ghost A.I. fighter. These types of fighters can be fought by the player either one-on-one or in a 1v100 tournament. They can also be uploaded to the in-game leaderboards and players will be able to download Ghost data from others.

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Source: Press release