‘Control’ Gets New Look at Boss Battle and Pre-order Bonuses

Control Comes With a Magic Pistol

Developer Remedy Entertainment is prepping the arrival of their new IP, Control, which is due to arrive this Summer. It comes with a sparkling dose of Sci-fi and macabre gameplay that combines Alan Wake with Quantum Break, and it looks just as good as that sounds.

For the first time, Control footage comes with a better look at the main weapon. The protagonist, Jessie, wields the same pistol throughout the campaign, but the modifications make it feel like a whole arsenal. There’s explosives charges, automatic fire, and the heavy-hitting semi-automatic rounds. Like with Jessie’s supernatural abilities, players will find weapon upgrades as they progress through the game. You can catch a new look in the footage down below.

At long last, Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games have also detailed Control pre-order content and expansion pass. Anyone who pre-orders, no matter the console, will receive the “Tactical Response Gear” costume and “Crafting Resources Pack.” Users on the PS4 receive a bonus in the form of a PSN avatar and dynamic PS4 theme.

Further, PS4 players who purchase launch day copies will receive a code to download the “Astral Dive Suit” skin. That’s in addition to a “Rare Player Mod” and a “Rare Service Weapon Mod” used to upgrade Jessie’s abilities and weapon respectively. These bonuses arrive alongside two static themes, Black Rock Quarry” and “Explorer.” The content stretches even further if you purchase the PS4 Digital Deluxe Edition, which includes exclusive side mission “Isolation” and the “Urban Response Gear” skin.


Last but not least, we cannot forget the Control expansion pass. There are currently two expansion packs in the works, “The Foundation” and “Awe,” and both are available as part of the PlayStation-only Digital Deluxe Edition but also as a separate purchase. Expect new story content, side missions, locations, and mods. Additional DLC will hit PlayStation 4 first then arrive later for Xbox One and PC.

Remedy’s Control will launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 27th.

SOURCE: Gematsu