Mosh Pit Simulator Hits Early Access and it Looks like a Fever Dream

It Looks like Someone Made a Game out of Cursed Imagery

“Fever dream” is the only phrase that came to mind when I saw the story trailer for Mosh Pit Simulator. The title says “story trailer”, but I don’t see a story. There’s a premise for why the game looks crazy, but story might be the wrong word, not that this game will be in need of a strong story. Mosh Pit Simulator is a “physics” based VR game that allows players to [I have no idea how to finish this sentence]. Players live and breathe chaos in MPS. It appears that anything in the players’ path will be subject to their destructive will. Just watch the trailer and see why I cannot describe what this game is.

Mosh Pit Simulator

The trailer opens with the developer Sos Sosowski dressed up as a (mad) scientist talking about removing bones from the human body. After that we are hit with 2019’s single greatest song. From what I can tell, players are able to attach things like rockets to other objects. A rocket-propelled whale can be seen flying across the screen at one point. Another shot features a helicopter with various objects used as wings. The player can also use their hands to climb almost any surface like a spaceship for instance.

The video above is a chronicling of Mosh Pit Simulator’s evolution(?) from 2015 until now. This also features a hot, bumping track. The video focuses on the physics and behaviour of the naked husks in MPS. The only thing about this game I can say with confidence and certainty is that it is available on Early Access right now. Try it out and melt your brain.

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Source: PC Gamer